College of the Siskiyous

COS Account Changes

As of November 21, your passwords have changed. If you are a student you will not be able to log into mySiskiyous, Canvas, or email with your current login credentials.


Your username will stay the same. Your mySiskiyous password will be Eagles, followed by your six-digit date of birth. (e.g., for someone born April 5, 1992, their default password would be Eagles040592)


You will still access Canvas through mySiskiyous using the password described above.


  • Your student email account will be changing from to
    Your email account will be your mySiskiyous username followed by (e.g., Use your new mySiskiyous password to sign-in.
  • Your old email messages will not be migrated to your new email account.
  • Your old email will be accessible by using your old email address and old password until February 28, 2020. (Tip: You can change your old password to your new mySiskiyous password.)
  • While both accounts are active, please check both email accounts for messages.
  • If you have any email messages or documents you need from your old account, you can send them to your new COS or personal email account.

For assistance, please call the Student Help Desk at (530) 938-5523 or email at