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The COS Theatre program is dedicated to the advancement of the theatre arts, through traditional study and performance, and to the development of new theatrical ventures. We prepare students for further study and for an ever-changing profession.

Audition Notice - COS Fall Production

The COS theater program is excited to anounce that it is facing this fall's challenges head-on with an innovative live Zoom production of Shakespeares comedy Love's Labour's Lost.

Want the best parts of Midsummer Night's Dream (courtiers in a forest, rude mechanicals, a play within a play) while skipping the worst parts of Midsummer (so overdone, consent issues around fairy love magic)? Try Love's Labour's Lost! King Ferdinand and his 3 best friends swear off women for 3 years so they can study, pledging "Our court will be a little academe" and completely forgetting that the Princess of France is on the way with her 3 best friends and a trusty advisor. Finding a metaphorical No Girls Allowed sign on the castle, the Princess and her companions are forced to camp outside and make the best of their time with hunting and poking fun at the King and his men, who invariably fall in love with them. Also featured are: a dramatic Spaniard, his witty page, a clever clown, a pretentious schoolmaster, a curate, a dimwitted constable, and a country girl named Jaquenetta. Come for the brilliant and sometimes bawdy banter of all of Shakespeare's early comedies and stay for one of the weirdest endings the Bard ever wrote. This production will be staged with as many of the original practices Shakespeare and his contemporaries would have used as Zoom can accomodate: doubling of parts, strong adherence to the text, and a fast pace. It will also be cast with the best modern practice: gender and race blind casting. Don't feel like you need to be experienced in Shakespeare to audition. All levels are welcome. The director, Kitty Keim, has a MLitt and MFA in Shakespeare in Performance, spent three years eyebrows deep in Shakespeare, and is excited to get to explore the kingdom of Navarre with you all!

The Theatre Department encourages all actors to audition, regardless of age, ethnicity or experience level. Auditions will be held live via Zoom on Wednesday, September 9 from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. To request a 10 minute auditon time please email

Call backs will also be held via zoom on Thursday, September 10 from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. While not required, it is suggested that those interested in speaking roles prepare, that is memorize and rehearse, one of the monologues from the play for Wednesday's audition. Thursday, auditioners will read "sides" with each other. Rehearsals will begin Tuesday, September 8, and will continue Monday through Thursday, 3:30 to 5:30 pm until the week of the show when rehearsals move to evenings. After being cast, students will need to enroll in THEA 1001. Performances will be broadcast live via Zoom and are scheduled for November 18, 19, 20, and 21. For more information contact the Theatre department.

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