Upward Bound - Eligibility

Upward Bound Student Group

Admission to Upward Bound is limited and competitive. Students are only eligible to apply their 8th grade year during the time of recruitment. To be considered, a student must be:

  • a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident
  • an individual whose parent/s (natural or adoptive) do not have a four year college degree and/or from a family that meets low-income requirements set by the federal government
  • in need of Upward Bound's services to achieve academic success in high school and meet the requirements determined by the high school and state of California
  • interested in enrolling in college or university upon graduating from high school
  • entering one of the following high schools

Waitlist Policy

  • Eligible students are placed on the waitlist only after an Upward Bound application is fully completed and the student has been interviewed during recruitment of their 8th grade year.
  • Eligible students will remain on the waitlist for one academic year. During recruitment time of the following year, the students’ file will be up for review. If the student has not joined ETS (Educational Talent Search) they will again be considered for the program if places are vacant.