Upward Bound - Summer Component

Summer Academy - Current Students

Sunday, June 17th - Thursday, July 26th

Summer Bridge - Graduated Seniors & College Sophomores

Sunday, July 15th - Thursday, July 26th

Freshmen Preview - Preselected Students

Sunday, July 22nd - Thursday July 26th


Paperwork will not be mailed home; all students must attend an orientation with their parent/guardian. Upward Bound will provide four orientations this year. Save the dates on your calendar. For families with scheduling conflicts, you are more than welcome to set up a meeting with the UB staff here in the office.
Students that do not make it to an orientation or visit the office by May 31st will not be able to attend Summer Academy this year.

Weekly Schedule

Exciting and highly demanded classes will be offered this summer. We aimed to offer classes that students requested last year as well as offer breakfast a little later in the morning. Students, please keep in mind that this schedule is still tentative. Classes listed may not be on the final schedule, but keep your fingers crossed.

Core Classes
Chemistry / Biology / Physics
Composition & Literature 10 / 11 / 12
Beginning ASL / ASL
Computer Literacy
Geometry / Algebra 2 / Algebra 2+
Strength Training
Outdoor Cooking
Career Exploration

2012 College tour - July 2nd - july 5th

  • University of Oregon
  • Oregon State University
  • Western Oregon University
  • Red White & Blue Riverfront Festival
  • Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Student ambassador Program

  • High school GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Attended all summer programs that you were eligible for
  • Increase rapport between students, advisors, and UB
  • Assist with and participate in student workshops/activities throughout the year
  • Create and publish summer yearbook
  • Plan and assist with Summer Program Closing Ceremony
  • Contribute articles and ideas to newsletter, informative flyers and web site
  • Help students feel more connected to UB and participate in a deeper level
  • Student Ambassadors will perceive themselves as being responsible young adults who are contributing to the well being of the Upward Bound Program