Writing Lab Specialists

Our team is comprised of both Writing Lab Specialists and Writing Lab Instructors. Twenty-minute sessions are available by appointment with any staff or faculty team member.

Rita Browne

Rita BrowneRita Browne has been working as a COS Writing Lab Specialist for over twelve years.  Rita earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science from Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon and her Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon.   In addition to working in the Lab, Rita is a part-time instructor and teaches anthropology, sociology, and geography courses.  Rita has worked in other professional capacities including a Writer-Editor for U.S. Forest Service and authored a journal article published in The Annals of Tourism Research.  She is contemplating a writing project based on her travels and camping adventures with family and dogs.  Outside COS, Rita is a certified dog trainer.  Rita, accompanied by family and canines, enjoys traveling, camping, hiking, swimming, and exploring the great outdoors. Rita's motto is to assist, encourage, and inspire students in their pursuits and empower them to succeed.

Carly Furry

Carly Furry Who is a writing maniac? Carly is, and that's one of the reasons why she loves working in the COS Writing Lab. Carly earned her Bachelor's Degree in English from Cal State Long Beach in 2002, her Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Writing in 2006 from Pacific University in Oregon, and joined the COS team in 2007. She's a published author whose first love is short fiction. In addition to tutoring in the Lab, Carly is also an instructor for the various half unit skill-building courses offered by the Lab (for more information, click on Writing Lab Courses in the menu to the left). Carly can also be found teaching composition and creative writing courses, and if you can't find her in the classroom, you might find her speeding down a river in a raft, hiking through the mountains, writing a short story, or being walked by her super canines, Rezzy Tootz and Seamus. What's her favorite part about working in the Writing Lab? It's forming relationships with students and watching their writing skills and confidence grow from one session to the next.

Jacalyn McNamara

Jacalyn McNamara

Whether working as poet, painter, or reporter; restaurant critic, publicist, or editor; arts center director, gallery owner, or COS writing instructor, Jackie McNamara has always been a writer.  Her work has been published in regional and national magazines and journals. In addition, she has earned a BA in English Literature and Writing from Southern Oregon University, an MA in English from California State University, Chico, and an MFA in Creative Writing/Poetry from California State University, Consortium—all with highest distinction. “The Writing lab is where students apply concepts they are learning in all their classes. I like helping them find the voice to convey their visions.”

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