College of the Siskiyous


Natalie Bradley

Natalie Bradley is the DSPS Director/Counselor, and also an LD Specialist. She oversees the DSPS activities and program, and does Learning Disabilities (LD) testing. She is also an academic counselor and assists DSP students with academic accommodations, educational plans, course selection, the registration process, financial aid appeals, academic/progress probations and dismissals, and academic reinstatements. For students in DSPS, she can also do your EOPS counselor contacts. To make an appointment, please call (530) 938-5297, or email:

Karen Chandler

Karen serves as the Administrative Assistant II to the DSPS Director/Counselor. She also coordinates the intake and eligibility process and assists students with acquiring documentation of their disability from the appropriate agency or professional. In addition, Karen is responsible for the note-taking accommodation process.

Rachel Artellan

Rachel Artellan is the Interim Alternative Media/Disability Specialist for the DSPS program. For program specialist duties, her focus is on students with learning disabilities. She assists in the assessment process with the director/counselor and LD specialist to determine eligibility and can provide you with general information regarding support services. She also backs up the Program Assistant with any test accommodations as approved by the DSPS Director/Counselor. For her alternative media specialist duties, she coordinates the production of alternate format materials such as e-text, Braille, large print and audio, as well as train students with disabilities on the use of adaptive computers and software programs appropriate to their functional limitations. After your alternative media has been authorized by the DSPS Director/Counselor or LD Specialist, email: with alternative media questions, or come by Eddy Hall.

Jeanne Kilochowski

Jeanne Kilochowski is an Office Assistant II in the High Tech Center which supports the DSPS Department. She is part of the Alternative Media Production Center and her primary duties are to edit textbooks for accurate flow and reading order of textbooks for use by students using, "Kurzweil" a popular reading program.