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Annual Campaign

Eric Williams, was working at Mt. Herman Christian Conference Center as a part-time custodian in 2011. He was debating the pros and cons of a firefighting/paramedic occupation, when nurse Howard Cole helped him better understand his passions and individual strengths, which lead him to enter the healthcare field rather than the fire science program.

Williams is one of many students who attend COS every day--each one with their own story of how they came to be at COS. We are humbly reminded of the incredible commitment and generous support of our many wonderful friends in this community throughout the year. We are fortunate to live in a community that has a community college in its backyard.

It is clear that with the ongoing cuts in the state budget the need for strong public-private partnerships is more critical than ever. With your continued support, we can meet the challenges ahead and continue to make the academic dreams of thousands of individuals in our community a reality. Your unrestricted gift will ensure our continuity.

Thanks to you we can ensure that our future is bright and that this treasure in our community will provide great benefits to all of us for years to come.

Annual Fund Contribution Form (PDF)

Employee Campaign

Employees can support scholarships, programs, departments and projects at College of the Siskiyous through our payroll contribution program. Your participation sends a powerful message of dedication and support to our students and to our community.

One of the Foundation goals for this year is to increase the number of contributors. We want to recognize our campus community, so if you donate $10 per month (or more), we'll deliver a special gift to your desk. Or, if you prefer, you may make a lump sum donation by cash, check or credit card.

To begin your automatic donation to the College of the Siskiyous Foundation or to make changes to the amount you are donating, please complete the payroll deduction authorization form and return it to the Public Relations Office.

Thank you for your support of the College!

Payroll Deduction Authorization Form (PDF)

Endowment Campaign

Endowment funds may be established for scholarships, programs, facilities, and departments at College of the Siskiyous. The principal of endowment funds is not spent. The Foundation policy is to distribute 4% of the interest annually (determined by the Foundation Board each year - based on fund performances) to be used for the purpose of the fund.

Establish your own named fund - An endowment fund can be established for $10,000. Donors have five years to establish the minimum. When the principal of the endowment reaches the specified amount, the endowment earns interest for one year. After earning interest for a year, the fund is activated and awarded the following spring. Prior to activation of the fund, all annual interest and earnings from the investment of the fund will be added to the principal to reach the minimum amount.

General Endowment Form (PDF)

Current Endowment Funds - Faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the College have established X endowment funds. These funds can be added to by anyone who wishes to support their purpose.

Scholarship Endowments (page in development)

Non-Scholarship Endowments (page in development)

Scholarship Campaign

Scholarships have been established through the generosity of businesses, associations and individuals. These scholarships reward student achievement, encourage student leadership and accomplishments, and provide needed financial assistance.

Scholarships have been instituted to honor or remember family, friends or organizations. Some scholarships are created to provide trained professionals in needed fields of study. For whatever reason, financial assistance helps students receive the necessary education to compete in today's world.

Create a scholarship - Individuals, groups, or businesses may establish a scholarship with the COS Foundation. If interested in doing so, please contact the Foundation Office.

Apply for a Scholarship - Students may apply for scholarships beginning in January of each year. Applications are due to the Foundation (Public Relations Office) no later than March 15. Applicants for scholarship may include: graduating Siskiyou County high school seniors, current COS students, and re-entry students.

Scholarship Form (PDF)

Past Recipients

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