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Upcoming Events Spring 2021

During COVID-19, Basecamp HQ has been working diligently to keep students safe, fed, and prepared to take on classes during a wildly difficult time. What we've struggled with is to give students a "college experience," engaging them in their community. Our attempts last semester to engage students online ultimately didn’t work; because students are learning on an online platform, they don't feel engaged by events hosted online. It can be so draining to look at a computer screen all day!

During this Spring semester, we've made a plan to host recurring online events, as well as safe and COVID-friendly in-person events, which in certain cases will be concurrently hosted online. This provides students with real engagement while keeping them safe.

It's critical for students to not only have their concrete needs met - such as food, housing, transportation, and school supplies - but to also feel a sense of belonging. We are, after all, a community college, and without that sense of community - especially in a time of high isolation, students are more likely to struggle in their classes, drop out, and not enroll again in the future. We want everyone to succeed, even in the face of a global pandemic, and we’re so excited to provide a place where students can feel safe and have fun!

Weekday Recurring Events:

Self-Care Monday, 9:00 - 10:00 am: Having trouble kicking off the week? Join Basecamp HQ and the Eagle Ambassadors for an open hour of self-care. With calm music, journal prompts, and our school counselor, Dee DeLeon available to chat with you, there are plenty of options for you to drop in and reset so you can start your week right!

Hot Topic Tuesday, 12:00 - 1:00 pm (every second Tuesday of the month): The world is a crazy place, getting more complicated by the minute. Join Basecamp HQ once a month to talk about some of the hottest topics over hot drinks! Remember to speak civilly with your peers.

Workshop Wednesdays (every other Wednesday from 12:00 - 1:00 pm): Being an adult is hard. How am I supposed to budget my money? How do I file my taxes? How do I take care of my car? Learn all the things you wish they'd taught us in school with Basecamp HQ and the Eagle Ambassadors. There are new workshops every other Wednesday!

Bob Ross Thursday Painting (first Thursday of the month, 2:00 - 3:00 pm): Always felt a creative drive but don't know where to start? Need an outlet during a stressful week? Join Basecamp HQ and the Eagle Ambassadors for a relaxing afternoon of painting with Bob Ross. Wear your Bob Ross merch and get lost in the joy of painting. Supplies provided.

Pet Photo Competition: We know your pet is the cutest, but we want you to prove it! Submit photos of your furry and scaled friends to and we'll showcase our favorites the last Friday of every month.

In addition to our recurring events we will be hosting a variety of other fun activities throughout the semester! Keep an eye out for information on these future events.


For Basic Needs Inquiries:

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Phone: (530) 938-5376