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Alumni and Circle of Friends

Alumni and Circle of Friends

Welcome back to COS! College of the Siskiyous has served over 100,000 students who can now be found throughout the world. Our alumni are successful in all fields including government, business, and industry. The alumni and friends of COS contribute talent, energy, and remain a vital and active catalyst in the growth of the College.

All former students who have graduated, received a certificate or transferred from College of the Siskiyous are considered alumni. We encourage you to stay connected by attending events, engaging through social media, or emailing us about what you have accomplished since you left College of the Siskiyous.

Alumni and Circle of Friends

The mission of the COS Alumni and Circle of Friends is to serve the College of the Siskiyous by establishing mutually beneficial alumni relationships in accordance with the COS mission statement, and in doing so, assist COS in maintaining academic excellence and community goodwill.

Membership in the Association is open to all who have attended COS and those who are friends of the College. We hope you will continue to help shape the future of COS through your involvement as a friend of the college.

Eagle Football 50 Year Celebration

Eagle Football 50 Year Celebration

Join us as we celebrate "50 Years of Football (1968 – 2018)" at College of the Siskiyous. Over the years we have seen hundreds of our student athletes move on in their football and college careers to become successful professional athletes, business owners, teachers, and more.

Plan now to attend this event, catch up with your fellow alumni, and enjoy a great weekend in Siskiyou County and Weed, California.

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Distinguished Alumni

The Distinguished Alumni award was established in 2006 to recognize outstanding professional achievements and volunteer service of former College of the Siskiyous students.

Mark Healy - 2015
Karen Zeigler - 2011
Brian Witherell - 2010
Larry Alexander - 2009
Sarah Gaelwick - 2008
Roger Emerson - 2007
Dennis DeRoss - 2006

About the Alumni and Circle of Friends

No matter how near or far you find yourself from College of the Siskiyous, we hope you remember the College with its dramatic mountain scenery as the beautiful place where you began your path to a new future. It was the place to explore and discover; where friendships flourished; and you were challenged intellectually, socially, and physically. You experienced dedicated instructional and support services with a personal approach to helping you meet the opportunities and challenges of a changing, diverse world. It was one of the most exciting and rewarding times of your life!

As students you played a major role in shaping the College and are forever a piece of our history. You set standards for students to follow and for faculty to meet. As alumni, your achievements inspire today's students. Our alumni can be found living anywhere in the world today. They are leaders and entrepreneurs in government, business, and industry, and are the backbone of emerging technology. They are teachers, parents, and school board members. They are doctors, nurses, and medical researchers. They are judges, attorneys, and law enforcement officers. They are authors, actors, and playwrights. They are professional athletes and coaches at every level.

Our alumni contribute talent and energy to society and remain a vital and active catalyst in the growth of the College. The COS Alumni and Circle of Friends was created to involve COS graduates in the growth and future of the College. It also provides a valuable opportunity to renew friendships and maintain ties with the college community.

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