Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation

tree removal at LRC

SchoolDude and College of the Siskiyous

SchoolDude is the new online service for submitting facility requests, event schedules, and work requests for maintenance and custodial services. For more information see our SchoolDude page.

Our Mission

"To provide the best environment possible for the promotion of positive student learning outcomes"

Our Values

Accountability: As stewards of the district's precious resources, we are accountable for all that we do; to ourselves, our colleagues, and our community.

Integrity: We will conduct our functions practicing a high level of integrity, of ourselves and our district as a whole, both in public and in private.

Respect: We will treat all others as we ourselves want to be treated, despite any differences among us.

Community Spirit: We will endeavor to provide whatever services we can to promote the district in the communities that we serve, both on and off campus.

Sustainability: We will operate our department in a manner that respects and protects the environmental legacy of future generations.

Responsibilities of the Department

The Facilities and Operations department holds programmatic responsibility for all aspects of maintaining all facilities, grounds, infrastructure, vehicles, and equipment for the district at both the Weed and Yreka campuses. These responsibilities are categorized as Maintenance Services, Custodial Services, or Operational Services.

Additionally, the department is also responsible for planning and managing all district capital improvement projects.