Program Review

Campus - Fall 2010

Program Review is a process that provides the opportunity for employees at COS to assess and improve student learning and support programs and services.¬† Additionally, it allows the college to determine the impact of its efforts at all levels of the institution on the College’s Mission, Vision, and Institutional Goals.¬†Participating in Program Review promotes dialog around assessment and continuous improvement.¬† It supports the College’s efforts to evaluate educational quality and effectiveness of programs and services, and it provides necessary information that informs planning, budgeting, and institutional decision-making. Through broad participation and dialog within and between the levels of institutional decision-making, Program Review encourages faculty, staff, and administrators to adjust to changing needs, emerging technologies, best practices, and other advances.¬†

Program Review Template for Non-Instructional Areas

Operational Unit Program Review - Continuous Quality Improvement Proposal (CQIP)