Administrative Support Management (ASM)

The Administrative Support Management (ASM) Group operates as a support, advocacy, and resource network to help members effectively carry out their roles and responsibilities to serve the mission of the college. The ASM Group serves the following roles and purposes:

  • Support campus, community, and student activities
  • Advocate for management and administrative support employees, including collective salary and benefit "negotiations"
  • Represent non-bargaining unit, non-faculty, and non-administrative employees in the shared governance process
  • Act as a support network for employees who have similar workplace experiences
  • Serve as an information dissemination body to management and administrative support staff
ASM Officers
Officer Name Email Extension
President Chris Wehman Contact Chris 5311
Vice President Elaine Eldridge Contact Elaine 5296
Secretary Tina Schoffstoll Contact Tina 5826
Treasurer Kelly Groppi Contact Kelly 5552

ASM Guidelines (revised February 2009)
ASM Group FSLA Status
Committee Service Roster - updated Fall 2016 (PDF)
Agendas & Minutes