CSEA - Member Benefits

ENJOY THE BENEFITS of membership.

The Member Benefits Program offers CSEA members a unique way to earn back the dues they pay through special savings and discounts. Since the CSEA is such a large organization, they are able to buy tickets and services at a discount, group-rate. They pass these great savings on to their members as a reward for their membership in CSEA. For more information about these and other member benefits, go to the CSEA website and click on the Benefits tab.

Member Benefits Include

Enjoy discounts to Amusement and Attractions, Automotive/Car Rentals, Fundraisers, Health & Fitness, Shopping & Services, Jewelry, Lodging, Miscellaneous Discounts, Movie Theatres, Museums, Performing Arts, Ticket Sales, Travel, Water parks and specially featured entertainment advertised on the CSEA website. Find all of these discounts online beginning at the CSEA website: http://members.csea.com/memberHome/Benefits/Discounts/tabid/303/Default.aspx

CSEA Auto Referral Program
You can find a participating dealer near you and get a great price on a new car without all the showroom hassle.

Insurance Programs
CSEA offers a group-rate discount on a variety of voluntary and supplemental insurance plans. CSEA members are automatically covered by a $5000 accidental death and dismemberment policy through CSEA. There is no need to activate unless you wish to list a beneficiary outside the legal line of succession (surviving spouse, children, parents, etc.). Members can also buy additional coverage through Member Benefits at low cost. Members are also eligible for an additional $1,000 worth of coverage (increases to $5,000 if the accidental death is a motor vehicle or pedestrian related death) through the AFL-CIO’s Union Plus Program. Please note: while members do not have to activate the coverage offered through CSEA, members must activate the additional Union Plus Accident Insurance by calling (800) 393-0864.

Financial Services
The CSEA web site has links to union-friendly credit cards and minimal-and no-fee banking as well as credit counseling. Your CSEA membership can help you get your finances under control by saving you money.

Legal Assistance
CSEA members get free legal advice and referrals to local attorneys through the Legal Referral Program.

Education and Scholarships
CSEA offers scholarships for your kids and career grants that you can use. CSEA's Scholarship Program provides a wide range of educational assistance.

Retirement Planning
It’s never too early or too late to plan for retirement. CSEA can help you find the resources you need to plan ahead. Check out their retirement calculator. Just plug in your information to get an estimate on what you will earn in retirement.

Union SAFE program
With many working families in financial distress, Union Plus is launching a program of new and enhanced benefits to assist eligible union members facing hardships.