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Noncredit Extended Learning Courses

College of the Siskiyous offers a variety of tuition-free, noncredit (0 unit) classes designed to advance career and life skills.

What is Noncredit?

Noncredit education is designed to supplement continued growth and enhance employment opportunities through classes, ranging from basic skills, health care, health and wellness, to short-term vocational, workforce prep training and job retraining.

Noncredit courses serve the needs of students, parents, older adults, and those looking to obtain a high school diploma or equivalency, and increase basic or job-specific skills. These courses may serve as first point of entry for many students, as well as a transition point to credit instruction. Noncredit is also for individuals with disabilities looking for an opportunity to increase their skills through specifically targeted courses.

These courses are available with "open access" to educational opportunities and lifelong learning to increase diverse communities and life-enriching activities through course offerings. This broad goal forms the basis for the courses and programs the College of the Siskiyous offers and is working on offering in each of the authorized categories of noncredit instruction which include: English as a Second Language (ESL), elementary and secondary basic skills, citizenship, health and safety, older adults, parenting, special education for adults, short-term vocational, home economics (consumer science), and workforce preparation.

Enrollment in noncredit classes is free. Noncredit classes are scheduled and held according to availability, budget and attendance. Noncredit classes are open access/exit and letter grades are not awarded. Noncredit courses are repeatable and registration is open to all individuals who are seeking ways to improve their earning power and access to higher education.

Noncredit courses are not transferrable. Noncredit offers a bridge and transition to credit classes with skill building courses.

To Register

View Class Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, classes are open to all levels of experience.

Step 1: Apply

Complete a COS Web Application. If you have already applied to COS and have a student account, skip to Step 2.

First-time COS students must submit an Admissions application using CCCApply. Submit the application online and print a copy of the confirmation page for your records. This will give you a CCC ID number. Then you will need to apply to College of the Siskiyous specifically. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email with your College of the Siskiyous Student ID and Username.

Step 2: Register

Log into your mySiskiyous account.

Once you receive your email, log in to your mySiskiyous account using your Username and your password. Your password will be your six-digit date of birth in this format MMDDYY (for example: 011585). You will have the option to change it. Log into your mySiskiyous account and become familiar with your new student account.

Please Note: Students who have not graduated from High Schools cannot enroll online. Please complete the Enrollment Registration form and get the appropriate signatures.

Have Questions About How to Apply and Register?

If you have specific questions about the steps above, you can contact:

Step 1: Application Help

Admissions and Records
Phone: (530) 938-5500

Step 2: mySiskiyous login assistance

Student Help Desk
Phone: (530) 938-5523

Noncredit in Detail

Where do classes meet?

Most classes meet at the Yreka campus and the Weed campus. A few classes will be held in local communities. Addresses will be given for the classes that meet off campus. The goal in the future is to offer our noncredit courses countywide, to better serve our community.

Who may attend?

You may enroll if you are an adult California resident.

When are classes offered?

Class start and end dates vary throughout the semester. Be certain to check class dates listed in the schedule carefully, so you do not miss the class that you want to take. Review the current schedule of classes area of the website.

Classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment, campus closures, emergencies, or other reasons

Check the college website for current updates and check with instructors on class cancellation and class cancellation notification policy and procedures.

Where can I find the Class Schedule?

The classes offered are listed with our regular classes available on the class schedule tab with all of our other scheduled classes. We will also include a PDF of our noncredit extended and lifelong learning brochure for your viewing when it is available.

Who teaches the classes?

Noncredit classes are taught by instructors who meet state qualifications. They have educational backgrounds and professional experience in their fields.

How do I enroll in Noncredit classes?

You may apply online or students of College of the Siskiyous may also visit the office of enrollment for the one page application and for enrollment assistance.

Contact Continuing Education

Kim Freeze, Director Noncredit, Community & Contract Education
Email: Phone: (530) 841-5834